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Parent feedback May 2021

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"My daughter attended Forest Kindergarten for 2 years and it was one of the best decisions I've made in my life. She loved every minute there. She was completely at home there from the first day. The staff are caring, loving, knowledgeable and incredibly kind. My daughter felt very settled and secure there. I love the fact that they are outside all day and that they can play freely using nature and natural materials in their play which I know has greatly encouraged my daughter's imagination. She also has developed a great love and care for nature. I only have positive words about Forest Kindergarten and the people who work there and would recommend it to any parents in the area." Silvia Mahringer, March 2022

"Such an amazing experience. My daughter adores her time here and her time is both enriching and confidence building. The staff are wonderful and know each child intricately - I couldn't ask for better foundations for her." Abigail Le Hardy, Feb 2021

"This is such a wonderful forest school. I cannot recommend it enough, my child adores her days here." Sarah Burney, May 2019

"Our older son was one of the first children to attend Forest Kindergarten back in 2014. He still remembers roly-polys down the hill, singing along with the guitar and walks to the monkey puzzle tree. Our second son attended in 2018 at Toys Hill - his familiarity with the woods there is still with him today. On family walks he will take us to 'basecamp', the beech trees and the bat house and points out the different mosses that grow there. Knowing our children were being so well cared for in such a magical place gave myself and my husband a real sense of fulfilment. It is a truly special type of preschool with the most dedicated team which has helped shape their young lives. Both boys now have a deep love of the outdoors, nature, wildlife, camping and free play. They have continued to enjoy the Forest Holiday Clubs ever since. In September I was thrilled to start working for the Forest Kindergarten team. It feels like family." Liz Simmons 2020

"Harry said on the way home "I had lots of fun today with my friends, I really love Forest School". Many thanks to you all." Sarah March 2017

"Such a privilege for our children to have genuinely caring adults around. Thank you" Anita February 2017

"What a wonderful Forest Team you have Caroline, no wonder the children love it so much!" Louise

"There is a magical place I know about a mile from our house, a place where my son has been to play free for the last year. It's a place without walls where he has truly learnt about the world, about life and about himself. He has been given the chance to find out about himself, how high can he climb, how the wind feels on his face as he runs down the hill, andhow the sunlight plays through the leaves. His bare feet have felt the seasons change, he has huddled round the fire, made necklaces with spring flowers, listened to stories in the sunshine, and filled his pockets to burst with conkers. I hope the spirit of this last year will be with him always." Kate July 2015

"Thank you so much for everything you have done for Eve over the past year and for the wonderful and enlightening experience of Forest Kindergarten. Eve has blossomed during her time with you and it is incredibly heartening to watch her run up the track to you in the morning giggling, looking out for friends and spotting all the wildlife on the way. We have loved every second, the picnics, storytelling events, coffee mornings and all the beautiful natural handmade bits and pieces Eve has brought home. I can truly say that is has been an enriching experience for us all, inspiring and life changing." Francesca, July 2015

"Our son Zachary has absolutely loved attending Forest Kindergarten in Sevenoaks. All through the year he has come home smiling and full of stories of the fun things he has been doing. His confidence has increased, he is fit and strong from all the walking, running and climbing, he has learnt so much about staying safe outdoors and of course about all the treasures of the woodland . Watching him so at ease in nature has really inspired us as a family to get outside and have fun together. It has been a wonderful experience and we are looking forward to our daughter starting next year." Abigail Cross

"My husband and I (and our wider family) have noticed such an amazing change in Joseph since his time at Forest Kindergarten, our only regret is that we didn't send him earlier! Whether it has been sunny, rainy or snowy he has had a brilliant time in the most simple and back to basics way! You have given him confidence, encouraged independence and inspired his imagination but most of all you have provided a fun environment for him to grow and appreciate nature. Joseph is fond of all the staff and often tells stories that paints such a picture of adventure and total involvement of you all. We totally believe that children should be outdoors in fresh air having fun before the big wide world that is school and hope that our daughter is able to share the same experience when it's her turn! " Caroline Paterson

"As a quietly spoken child we have watched Ariana flourish in the forest school environment this past year. She has grown in confidence both physically and in her interactions with others. We continue to marvel at her reflections of what she has seen and learned while there - recounting particular trees or flowers she has learned names of, or how to treat a nettle sting and then correctly identifying a dock leaf to treat it. We are so pleased that she has been able to have such an experience in her early years." Breege Zachary

"Forest Schools were something I'd heard about through Norwegian friends so when we saw there was one starting close to us we jumped at the chance to enrol our daughter Amelie. We felt it important that Amelie should be given the opportunity and encouraged to get out, run around and get muddy-(it's good for the immune system!). I was quite an outdoorsy child, grew up next to a farm and I would love to have done some of the activities they do at forest school!

I couldn't recommend Caroline's forest kindergarten highly enough. Amelie started in January and thoroughly enjoys it. At the end of each session there's a long list of things she's done: fairy hunts, constructing dens and mud hedgehogs made to mention a few. I mustn't leave out her favourite -badge making- she's always so proud to show me, and anyone who will listen, the badge that she helped saw and colour in. Even through the cold and wet winter weather, with waterproof trousers and a few pairs of gloves Amelie keeps warm and doesn't seem at all phased by the weather- if fact she loves jumping in muddy puddles and drinking hot chocolate around the log circle! Amelie appears to be gaining a love of nature and the outdoors and is excited about Spring and seeing some baby animals! I'd also say that Amelie is definitely more active than before starting forest school, she's better a climbing and has a bit more courage in attempting new activities."

Hillary Uffindell-Phillips

"Amelie loves every minute of it and is definitely more active as a result of it - can't sing praises high enough!" Hillary, mother of 3 year old. March 2014

"I think all children should have the chance to have attend such a brilliant setting." Charlotte Starling, mother of 4 year old. March 2014

Jo Winser - Forest Kindergarten parent says:
"I cannot recommend Forest School highly enough. I have watched my little girl grow in confidence, find a new found love for the outdoors and nature (particularly worms and mud!) but above all, every week she comes home happy, which is the most important skill any child can learn. I have so much faith in Forest School, and Caroline, that I have taken my little one out of her 'traditional' pre-school and now she only attends Forest School. They are only little for such a short time, and what a wonderful way to spend their early years."
5th Mar 2014.

Belinda Thorkildsen - Forest Kindergarten parent says:
Forest school is amazing! Since attending Yas has become more confident, her coordination has improved, her imagination is (excuse the pun) blossoming, she just loves it and so do I. It's great to know she's playing outside, in a safe environment, getting muddy, building dens, being close to nature and most importantly having FUN. She's also completely exhausted when she gets home, eats like a horse and sleeps like a baby!
25th February, 2014

Lucy - Forest Kindergarten parent says:
"FABULOUS!!! In fact when I picked my daughter up today she said 'Mama I love forest school!' The mud baths, play, den building, imagination set free :)" February 2014.

"All I can say is that Forest School has been inspirational to the children of maple class and every child has enjoyed every session come rain or shine!" Estelle O Connor, St Georges Primary School, Wrotham. June 2013

"The children have flourished in the woodland; displaying cooperation, creativity, problem solving and most important high levels of enjoyment. During the latest session the children kindled wood, helped make a camp fire and had a treat of toasted marshmallows." Reception class teacher, Discovery School, Charlotte Berry.

"The children of Year 2 had a wonderful afternoon in the woods. Caroline the leader from 'Forest Schools' was great with the children, kind with gentle encouragement for the children to find out things for themselves. The children explored the area, making a camp or as I was corrected a 'tank' which had guns, controls and gear stick all improvised from branches. The children were taught how to whittle safely and although it was suggested they perhaps make mobiles, it seemed bows and arrows were more exciting. The children used their imagination during the whole of the afternoon whether it was playing archenemies or climbing across great tree roots by making bridges and ladders. Many tools were used with the assistance and 'close eye' of the adults. The ring of tree stumps provided an ideal setting for teaching and reporting back at the end of the session. All the children seemed to love the afternoon and there was a lot of bonding happening, imaginative chatting and the time seemed to whiz by! I did not see one child alone and not involved." The Rev Canon Brenda Hurd, Foundation Governor, St Georges Primary School, Wrotham.

"Fantastic skills being learned by exploration and experience. My son comes home from forest schools with a muddy face, and a huge grin. The skills he has learned range from starting a camp fire safely, to cooking bread over a fire, making dens, wood craft and team work." Ruth Farmer, parent and teaching assistant at St Georges Primary School, Wrotham.

"Tiffany enjoyed the forest schools experience yesterday afternoon. In fact, she didn't just enjoy it, she embraced it and got down and dirty! What a fantastic learning opportunity you have given the children! Thank you once again." Mrs Rose Herridge, parent, St Georges Primary School, Wrotham.

"Forest schools gives the children the opportunities to experience the great outdoors in ways they just don't anymore." Parent at St Georges Primary School, Wrotham.

"Totally agree with the comments ..Forest Schools at St George's has been a brilliant time for the children of the class... my son just loves the 'hands on approach' and we are now the proud owners of dream catchers, bow and arrows, wood necklace, thumb sticks and not forgetting the very large ladder!!! .. all good fun. Great to see the children coming out of the woods with muddy hands and faces and above all BIG smiles! .. says it all! thanks Caroline!" Becky Gurney, parent, St Georges Primary School. June 2013